Tere Aane Se



By Your Coming

I am awakened again, by your coming

Stay a while, alone, I am so incomplete


Let me sit with your tresses covering me

Let me think that my life is because of you


Wish God had come down from His heaven to earth

He too would have been your mad lover, and roamed like me


I had fallen asleep in this world, O Lord

Why did you give me life again my God?

Tere Aane Se by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)



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I go on finding excuses to laugh in life

What if, when I have a habit to stay happy


I go on calling out your name like a madman

What can I do if you cannot hear me call


Each lane knows of my love for you

What can I do, if your heart is like stone


I raise my hands in prayer everyday

If God becomes sullen, what can I do


Bahaane by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (209)



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I can see my home in your eyes

All my dreams stay entwined with you


Say once that you have become mine

Like the moonshine you blossom in the night

You are smiling like dewdrops placed on flowers

You have mingled like fragrance carried by the wind


I can see my home in your eyes

All my dreams stay entwined with you


Ghar by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)


Kehtey Hain Wo Mujhko



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She Says To Me

She says, she says, very little to me

I hear her but, every moment, always


She glances at me just once or two looks

Her eyes but, I see filling the entire world


That the redness of her lips not color my body

I meet her rarely, though feelings fill every pore


Relations stand in front of me like a wall

But how can I return the angel of God?


Kehtey Hain Wo Mujhko by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)






Chaahat Chakor


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Longing of Chakor

Hidden I kept the the feelings in my heart

Never confessed to you the state of my heart


Had it escaped, it would not have had any value

Desires are those, which never ever come on lips


I keep on flying like the Chakor holding its longing

I have become a cloud that is filled with lightning


O God, a lover whose longing is so volcanic

One day that writer will reach the lips of his beloved

Chaahat Chakor by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)

In the above couplets the lover’s longing for his beloved is similar to the Chakor bird’s longing for the Moon. A description on the legendary bird Chakor follows for readers:


The Chakor is described in Hindu mythology as a bird that thrives only on moon-light for its food.

Deep into the full moon night, the Chakor sheds its tears in longing, releasing the song of unrequited passion, for its alluring beloved (i.e. the moon) is unattainable high in the skies. The bittersweet pain of the fullness of its love makes life worth living, for on this occasion of the full moon night, it can see the beloved from afar, undisturbed, in her full glory.

The great ascetic guru and philosopher of Advaita, Adi Shankaracharya, describes the divine glory of the Goddess Tripurasundari as Amba, revealed in the face of the Full Moon. The Goddess rises from the ocean, clad in the luminescent jewels of the spray of the surging tide. High above in the sky, the luminous sweep of her full light releases waves of chaitanya – cosmic consciousness – dripping with the nectar of immortality. And the Chakor, thirsting for the charm of her enchanting smile, drinks in this nectar, which brings the fulfillment of his life’s purpose!

Adi Sankaracharya refers to the Chakor as a bird that is supposed to have drunk to the brim the moonlight of Goddess Amba’s smile, which is so sweet that it benumbs the bird’s beak. To counteract this numbness, the bird drinks moonlight, which in comparison to the smile of the Goddess, is termed  ‘sour gruel’.” Source: http://arunachalagrace.blogspot.in/2012/05/legendary-birds-in-hinduism.html)

Tum Samjho Na Samjho


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You May Know or Not

You may know your faithfulness or not

I have made you my God


You may know your wish or not

Your eyes reveal the language of your heart


One life is not enough for me

To love you fully, I need to live many lives


Heart’s content be not, my soul remains restless

In prayer I say all that I have never said


Tum Samjho Na Samjho by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)





Teri Aahat

Teri Aahat by Sandeep Silas 'deep'

Your Rustle

You skirted my dwelling today as you came to my city

My breath escapes me again and again as I hear your rustle


Once again shadows start floating on the mirror of my heart

Those who don’t have time to stop, they disappear with ease


I do not wait anymore for meetings of love

Or for sweet conversations and wet nights


I don’t know where the environment is leading me

My feet stop no more, listening to voices of this world


Teri Aahat by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)


Ankahi Baat


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Unsaid Conversation


Do not become like an unsaid conversation

Sometime, you must say something to me


Do not get lost like we meet strangers

You must stay with me for sometime


Do not hide like unknown feelings

Bring one day, your love to your lips


Do not sleep like an unseen dream

Fire the sky with a spark before you go


Do not get lost like an unwritten story

Narrate something to the world, then go


Do not go, leaving me, with eyes closed

‘Deep’, you must always keep looking at me


Ankahi Baat by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)





Saada Khayal


Plain Thought

Plain the thought or laden with nectar

I never let you be away from my thought


You laughed while you spoke or kept quiet

Each mood of yours, I filled within my breath


You met me with open arms or like a statue

I never let my eyes leave the direction you were


You touched me or became captive of distances

I, but, always saw love within your eyes


Saada Khayal by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)


Gar Khuda…


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If, O God…

If, O God, all that could have been mine

I too would have lived a life like You


Would have seen each one and heard everyone

Everyday I would have sat in Judgement upon each one


I would have lived in every heart, within each soul

Every direction would have resounded with my name


These talks of the world, best thrive here only

I will come up to heaven and meet You in embrace


Gar Khuda… by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)