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I lived through the days of life in yearning

This Sun would have set sans your thoughts


I was gifted a treasure since I found you

An excuse I found to preen myself each day


To say some words I found a friend

To write some letters I began a tradition


Your coming made a blossom bloom

One storm subsided and another arose


Aas by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)





I bowed before my indifferent beloved and saw

I reached the heights of love again and again and saw


I called out to her so much more and saw

I went on burning in my own fire of love and saw


I kept on stopping, stooping, and stifling myself and saw

I kept on writing letters of love, pouring out my heart and saw


I held hands, walked along the road and saw

Amidst prayer I opened my eyes in Church and saw


Go on lighting a bed of embers in front of my feet

Keep on sewing my chest with threads of pain


Go on, make my destination again a mirage

I have the heart of a sculptor, I am unstoppable


Berukhi by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)




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When the night is dark, you shine like the moon

Why not then, a storm rise up within my heart ?


You my beloved Piya, who resides in the clouds, tell me

Why you lit ‘deep’ on earth, and gave Moon to the sky?


“YOU” by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Saada Khayal (2009)