Sandeep Silas


  • Expert on Public Administration, Public Information, career civil servant, contributed to preparation of policy documents, new legislation, and government capacity building in the areas of Railway Transportation, Programme Implementation, Youth Affairs & Sports, Overseas Indian Affairs, Tourism & Culture, Labour & Employment, Road Transport & Highways
  • Served at the Union level in eight Ministries of the Government of India directly with Union Minister’s; unique perspective on national development; penchant for new ideas
  • Substantial experience of policy and administration at Union level of a complex developing economy
  • Chevening Scholar
  • Visionary and Strategist
  • Creative writer with substantial contribution to literature in English & Hindi-Urdu; and, cultural events
  • Forerunner of novel peace initiative— Garland of Peace, with endorsements from four former UN Under-Secretary General’s, experts on Conflict Resolution, Secretary-General, International Peace Bureau and Syracuse University, NY, USA

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Sandeep Silas was born on 19th September at Agra. Schooling completed at St. Peter’s College, Agra in 1976, he went to college at St. John’s, Agra. Entry to the Civil Services in 1984 brought him to a career in the Indian bureaucracy. He further pursued Tourism Studies. As a British Chevening Scholar he studied “Strategic Management” at Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK. Next was a Master of Public Administration, in 2008, from The Maxwell School of Syracuse University, New York.
He has served in various capacities in the Ministry of Railways, Statistics & Programme Implementation, Youth Affairs & Sports, Overseas Indian Affairs, Tourism & Culture, Ministry of Labour & Employment and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.
As a public information specialist he conceptualized the imaginative year-long country-wide grand celebration of the 150th Year of Railways in India. The mascot “Bholu”; the first ever Commemorative and Currency coin; were his original ideas and contributions. He was instrumental in making the first-ever mobile science exhibition on rail in the world, the 12-coach Vigyan Rail in 2003, inaugurated by Prime Minister of India,  Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Sri Lankan Government accepted his idea of making the Sita-Rama Heritage Tourism trail in Sri Lanka for promotion of tourism.
He pursues his novel idea and concept, now become his mission; the “Garland of Peace”, a project to declare all war ruins/sites in the world as Peace Heritage Sites, with the UN, to take yet another step towards peace building, peace education & peace tourism.
“Discover India by Rail” (Sterling, 2001), his first book, helps tourists experience the beauty of India. “Morrow’s Face”, “Borough in the Mist”, “Rainbows Don’t Last Forever” ,”Saada Khayal”, “Ranai-e-Khayal”& Ruhani Khayal are his significant contributions to the world of poetry in English and in Hindi-Urdu.
Sandeep has evolved as a public affairs administrator, public information specialist, travel writer, poet, lyricist, humorist & a tourism promotion enthusiast.


Public Administration
Public Information
Strategy Making
Transport Logistics
Creative Writing



April 2016 to present

Traffic Surveys of New Projects & Lines

Chief Project Manager

Government of India

– April 2016, New Delhi Area, India

Freight Operations Information System

 Chief Commercial Manager (C)

Government of India

(1 year), Northern Railway Hq, Baroda House, New Delhi

Catering services over Northern Railways, in trains and in Parliament House.

Private Secretary to Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Labour & Employment

Government of India

(11 months)New Delhi Area, India

Managing the Minister’s office and priority works. Co-ordinating with the Ministry and its attached organizations for achieving the goals of the Government on Infrastructure Development.Handling the Parliament related work. Suggesting processes and systems approach for transparent, efficient, and customer-oriented administration with an emphasis on reducing corruption. Analysing draft national policy statements and suggesting how policy can be made more responsive to public expectation and expediting the implementation of major roads & highway’ projects in the country.

Divisional Railway Manager

Government of India

(1 year 3 months)Mumbai Area, India

Giving leadership to the toughest railway division in the country staffed by 150 officers and 28,000 employees, managing the running of 1300+ suburban trains per day, 70 mail/express trains every day, both carrying 38 lakh people per day. Introduced systems for efficient service with sensitivity to the public. Brought in a system of Think Tank over the Division to plan for developmental and safety issues/works with user comfort in the forefront of mind and implement in phases. Open door policy for officers and the staff as well as members from the public to weave a bond between the user and the service provider. Transparency in working and speeding up projects. Giving the Division a vision statement and missionary zeal, respect to the lowest functionary and sharing of best practices.

Private Secretary to Union Minister of Labour & Employment

Government of India

(3 years 11 months)

Managing the Minister’s office and priority works. Co-ordinating with the Ministry and its attached organizations for achieving the goals of the Government.Suggesting processes and systems approach for transparent, efficient, and customer-oriented administration with an emphasis on reducing corruption. Analysing draft national policy statements and suggesting how policy can be made more responsive to public expectation and defining the implementation strategy and plan of action. Designing management information systems for the two major public-interface organizations.

Private Secretary to Union Minister of Tourism & Culture

Government of India

(1 year 5 months)

Work Profile & Outstanding Achievement: Managed the entire work of the Minister’s Office in Ministry of Culture inclusive of all official matters, departmental files, Parliamentary work; provided interface between the Minister and the Ministry; analysed strengths and weaknesses of Department and suggested ways and methods to improve efficiency; managed foreign tours and diplomatic missions; gave a national media profile to the Ministry; streamlined the delivery mechanism.

Private Secretary to Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, Overseas Indian Affairs, S & PI

Government of India

(1 year 9 months)

Work Profile & Outstanding Achievement: Managed the entire work of the Minister’s Office inclusive of all official matters, departmental files, Parliamentary work; provided interface between the Minister and the Ministry; analysed strengths and weaknesses of Department and suggested ways and methods to improve efficiency; managed foreign tours and diplomatic parleys; assisted in top secret peace negotiations at national level; streamlined the delivery mechanism.

Director, Information & Publicity, Ministry for Railways

Government of India

(4 years 10 months)

Profile: Organising positive publicity for Indian Railways at national level through display advertising; production of TV Films; TV & Radio Spots /Documentaries; printing of booklets/brochures; Participation in National & International exhibitions; Public Relations Policy; Film shooting permission to foreign TV Channels; Formulation of PR Budget and control; Co-ordination with all Zonal Railway Chief Public Relations Officers and PR Cadre Management.

Outstanding Achievement: Massive media and publicity plan for the 150th Year of Railways in India was conceptualised, led and implemented as a national program. Contributions: Mascot & 150th Year Logo (released by Prime Minister of India), Steam Heritage Runs, Exhibition On Wheels Train, Laser Show & Cultural Pageant at JLN Stadium, First ever Commemorative & Circulation Currency Coins on Railways in150 years. Conceptualised and made “Vigyan Rail”, first ever 12-coach science exhibition on wheels to move all over India (2003-2004).

Deputy Chief Commercial Manager / General

Northern Railway

(2 years 9 months)

Work Profile: Commercial Policy formulation; Co-ordination of all Commercial matters at Zonal HQ level; Management of Rail Traveller’s Service Agents; Monitoring Ticket Checking activities at zonal level and earnings therefrom; Piloting anti-fraud checks; Customer Care schemes; Passenger Information System; Ticketing.

Outstanding Achievement: Customer Care Institute was started in Delhi signalling a major design improvement in training of front-line staff and their re-orientation to customer service.

Deputy Chief Operating Manager

Northern Railway

(1 year 1 month)

Work Profile: Acceptance Testing of Management Information System imported from Canadian Railways; Writing User Specifications for the Freight Operations Information System of Indian Railways.

Outstanding Achievement: The infirmities of TRACS, the Canadian System and its incompatibility with Indian Railway operations was brought out saving more than Rs. 1,000 crores of Government revenue. Moreover the foundation of the FOIS was laid on sound footing by formulating the User Specs.

Area Railway Manager

Northern Railway

(4 years 5 months)

Work Profile: Management of Railway Freight and Coaching Operations; Marketing of train rakes for car loading and monitoring their running for optimum usage; Disaster Management during railway operations; Running of Commercial Establishments at railway stations; Running and Maintenance of Luxury Tourist Trains- Palace on Wheels & Royal Orient Express.

Outstanding Achievement: The Royal Orient was started as India’s second luxury train flawlessly.

Presenting Officer, Railway Claims Tribunal

Northern Railway

(1 year 10 months)

Work Profile & Achievement: Studied Claims cases filed in the Tribunal; Prepared Written Statements, conducted Examination-in-Chief and Cross-Examination of witnesses; Presented Arguments before the Railway Claims Tribunal Bench on behalf of Railways.

Senior Transportation Officer / Planning

Northern Railway

(1 year 2 months)

Work Profile & Achievement: Formulation of Traffic Facility plans; Critical Examination of Survey Reports, done of the entire northern railway system.

Divisional Commercial Superintendent

Central Railway

(1 year 3 months)

Work Profile: Management of Railway Commercial Establishments- Booking Offices & Reservation Offices at railway stations; Co-ordination of all Commercial matters at Divisional Level; Monitoring Ticket Checking activities at Divisional level and earnings therefrom; Organising magisterial raids to check ticket-less travel; Personnel Management of all Commercial Staff.

Outstanding Achievement: Pioneering work was done for the starting of India’s first Shatabdi Express Train between New Delhi and Jhansi.

Assistant Commercial Superintendent

Central Railway

(1 year 1 month)

Work Profile: Assistance in Policy Formulation; Management of Railway Stations from commercial perspective; Conceptualising Passenger Amenity Works; Employing Strategies to increase Commercial Earnings.

Outstanding Achievement: The proposal for a reverse Deccan Queen was conceptualised, which later resulted in substantial recurring earnings apart from becoming a passenger convenience and long term contribution as Indrani Express Train.

Sales Officer

IBP Co. Limited

(8 months)

Marketing of petroleum products.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Opportunities you are looking for:

  • Joining a nonprofit board

Causes you care about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Children
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology


Independent Coursework

  • Management Development Programme, Railway Staff College, Baroda, India- 1991. Awarded “Principal’s Medal,” for having stood first with Distinction.
  • Management in Government- 1994, U.P. Academy of Administration, Nainital, India.
  • Training in Computer Applications viz., MS-DOS, WINDOWS, EXCEL, WORD, etc. , NIIT, New Delhi, India- 1996.
  • Course on TV Production- Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India, June, 2000.
  • Workshop on “Crisis Communication and Media Management” by Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, held at Railway Staff College, Vadodara, India, May, 2004.
  • 1st Asia- Pacific Regional Workshop on Marketing of Scouting- Oct.’99, at Queensland, Australia.
  • British Chevening Scholar, 2002: International Senior Executive Course on “Strategic Management,” at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, 15th June – 12th July, 2002.
  • Leadership Breakthroughs Initiative (BTI), Module A, March 3rd-5th, 2012, Dubai, organized by MiDDLEGROUND, UK, and British Council, India.
  • Systemic Leadership Programme, Module B, London, Oct. 23-25, 2012, organized by MiDDLEGROUND & LSE, UK

Additional Coursework


Discover India by Rail; Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, India

January 2001

A book suggesting 100 destinations to travel to in India, classified unde “Mountain Glory”, “Seaside Sojourns” “Eternal Cities”, “Romance of Art”, “Jungle Safaris”, “Mystical Experiences”, “Forts & Palaces”, & “Basket of Unusuals”.

Morrow’s Face; Sterling Paperbacks, New Delhi, India

January 2005

Poetry in English

Borough in the Mist(Link)Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, India

June 2007

Poetry in English

Saada Khayal

Vani Prakashan, New Delhi, India

September 2009

Songs/Nazams/Ghazals in Hindi-Urdu

Rainbows Don’t Last Forever; Silas, Delhi, India

August 2010

Lyrics in English

Ranai-e-Khayal; Silas; Delhi; India

August 2012

A book of heart touching ghazals

Rainbows Don’t Last Forver(Link)Silas; Delhi; India

April 2012

Lyrics; “Sandeep Silas’ poetry springs from a deep spiritual quest and yearning. His main theme is ‘seeking’. And this seeking is through words, shabda, language. He has an extra-ordinary feeling for the language, and uses it to weave his charm and create the magic of his creativity.”

Innocent Times(Link)Silas; Delhi; India

April 2012

“Innocent Times” is nostalgia, pure innocence, romance of childhood and the growing-up age. Short stories together make one complete story. It is the story of my character Sudeep, set in the pristine village life of Sikandra, Agra that is caught in the time warp of the post-colonial British India and the emerging modern India. Sudeep’s childhood and growing up is unique. One can only write like…more

Beautiful Thoughts(Link);Silas; Delhi; India

May 2012

“Beautiful Thoughts” is just not a book of ghazals, it is a living story.

Let me tell you briefly, what is the ghazal? It is the intimate conversation between a lover and his beloved, written in couplet format. Couplets can be five to fifteen. Normally, I write nine couplets in one ghazal. I have written fearless and frank in “Beautiful Thoughts”, very simply the yearnings of every heart. You…more

Discovery of Life(Link)Silas; Delhi; India

July 2012

Life is so surprising. I believe in living it intensely. Once a school teacher had commented upon my power of observation. I believed him. This helped me in life to see beyond the ‘seeing’ and understand life in its totality. Over the years as I travelled and moved socially I found many moments, those make life beautiful and memorable. I have recorded them soaking the environment, all the hidden…more

Ruhani Khayal; Silas; Delhi; India

December 2014

Book of Nazms and Ghazals


  • INDIA SERIES- section: SOULSCAPE 2006.
  • OUR INDIAN RAILWAY (Foundation Books, March 2006)- Edited.


Syracuse University – Maxwell School

Masters of Public Administration, Public Administration

Proposed the concept of “GARLAND OF PEACE” at Maxwell School, Syracuse University, NY under the sponsorship of PARC, and again at Cornell University:novel concept of the world’s “Garland of Peace”, as I call it. The whole idea in brief is to “Declare all war ruins/sites/memorials as Peace Heritage Sites”. They are all there and we only have to bring them together on a common ideological platform to initiate a paradigm shift in how individual nations and people have traditionally viewed them. This project has the inherent power to impact the thinking in the world of the present and the future generations towards world peace.

The “Garland of Peace” has the potential to become a powerful symbol of peace building, peace education, peace activism and peace tourism in our beautiful world.

We all understand, believe and strive for world peace which is a pre-requisite to human development.

Manchester Business School, UK

Certificate in Strategic Management, Strategic Management

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Diploma in Tourism Studies, Tourism

Elective Course on “Tourism Marketing”

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Certificate, French Language

Agra University

Master of Arts, History

Merit position- second in the subject for Agra University, Agra, India.

Activities and Societies: SPECIAL ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Principal’s Special Prize for Best All-Round Student- Academic Session, 1981-1982 (St. John’s College, Agra). 2. Member, St. John’s College Dramatic Society, 1980-’82.

Agra University

Bachelor of Arts, English, Literature in English, History, Political Science

Activities and Societies: 1. Member, St. John’s College Dramatic Society, 1978-’80. 2. Secretary to English Association, 1978-’80.

St. Peters College, Agra

Senior Cambridge School Certificate, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Literature in English, Hindi


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Sandeep:

  • Sandeep Sir is one of the few persons who understands the true value of relationships. An avid shayar and a staunch lover of classical music, he has very good sense of all. He has been thoroughly professional in work and has afted as a mentor to many deserving discipiles. I wish him best of luck for all this endevours.

  • Very professional, cultured and open. Calls a spade a spade, but in bureaucratic language and an associated manner …. reminds me so much of a word I conjured up in connection with one of close colleague who was diplomatic but also an office politician: diplomatician !!!

Special Interests

  • Writing poetry in English since 1993
  • Travelogues since 1996
  • Writing radio scripts
  • Contributing “Middles” in national newspapers since 1997
  • Writing lyrics in English & Hindi- Title songs for TV serials.
  • Photography— Solo Photographic Exhibition “Orchids and Faces”
  • Photography— Solo Photo Exhibition “Tranquil Moments…”, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi April 1, 2010 to August 20, 2010.
  • Guest Speaker in Business Schools on management and public affairs.
  • World Peace: Author of original and innovative idea “Garland of Peace” calling to “Declare War Ruins as Peace Heritage Sites” in the world. Launched on SEP 21, 2009 from Plaza Steps, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in presence of national leaders:
  • Ibadat-e-Aman, an Indo-Pak peace bridge of music initiative, Nov. 11th , 2011, Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Aug. 31st 2012, Mumbai; Nov. 6th , 2013, Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Sufiyana Kalaam by Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan and Shayari by Sandeep Silas.
  • Ibadat-e-Ishq, a music album brought out by TIMES MUSIC, the leading music group of India, in March 2013, with ghazals by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’; composed and sung by Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan, Pakistan; a peace bridge of music initiative.
  • Note: 350 Travelogues/Middles/other Articles published in National Magazines and National Newspapers from Nov. 1996 to date.

Honors & Awards

Inter-cultural Leadership Award 2014 (First-ever holder of award)

British Council UK-India

  • First-ever award on Inter-cultural Leadership for evidence of working as Peace Activist (; Indo-Pak peace bridging by music (Ibadat-e-Ishq concerts) hosted annually since 2011; cultural accomplishments as author and my work for communal harmony through poetry.

Additional Honors & Awards

  • General Manager’s Certificate for Distinguished Service 1994;
  • General Manager’s Award for Distinguished Services 1997;
  • Akashvani National Award 2000 (Highest);
  • Public Service Broadcasting National Award 2001; Silver Star, Bharat Scouts & Guides 2001; National Award for Outstanding Service, Ministry of Railways- 2001-2002;
  • Silver Elephant, Bharat Scouts & Guides 2003 (Highest National Award, conferred by H. E. The President of India in 2007);
  • “Letter of Appreciation” from Minister of Science & Technology, Government of India, for making VIGYAN RAIL, a 12-coach mobile science exhibition on rail for science awareness (all-India, 15 Dec.2003-20 Aug.2004) 2004;
  • Digvijay Swarn Jayanti Samman -Travel Writer and Poet by Digvijay 2004;
  • National Gold Star Award for “Notable Contribution in the Field of Tourism and Literary Accomplishments” by International Institute of Education & Management, New Delhi 2005;
  • Ambassador of Peace award conferred by Husan Ara Trust on January 14th 2014 at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi by Hon’ble Union Minister’s Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Mr. K. Rehman Khan, and Mr. Oscar Fernandes for communal harmony and bringing about peace between communities through poetry;
  • Dr. Kalam Mohabbat Award for contributions as a Peace Activist, conferred by Uhas Group on 30th August 2015, at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi;