Sheeshey… (Glass…) by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’


Sheeshey… (Glass…)

Sandeep Silas ‘deep’

Kahin pe aah nikley, to kahin pe dam nikley

Mere armaan mere khwabon ke barabar nikley

(Somewhere the cry came out, somewhere my breath

My desires found the same fate as of my dreams)

Chah se kabhi kya etbaar aur wafa nikley

Khushi ke kareeb pahunchh dekha, puraney gham nikley 

(Do faith and trust ever get a life just because you love?

What I found near my happiness, was nothing but old wounds)

Jo labrez they dil, ranai-e-mohabbat se

Wo bhi kuchh chatkey huey sheeshey nikley

(The heart that overflowed with the loveliness of love

Came out to be nothing, but pieces of shattered glass)

Tukdey-tukdey zameer main kab tak batorta

Kuey-yaar mein andherey tehkhaney nikley

(How long could I pick up, pieces of her conscience

In the lane of my beloved, I discovered dark alleys)

Saj ke pujta raha mere hathon wo lamha-ba-lamha

Mangney aaye zindagi, to wo bhi khamosh butt nikley

(The One whom I worshipped each moment as I adorned her

She too became a statue of silence, when I asked her for life)

Aye insaan pathar ke butt ki ibadat hi kar le

Shayad uss sey hi kuchh duaon ka jawab nikley

(O Man, worship the statue of stone instead

Perhaps, some answers to life, you might find in prayers)

Zaar na huey mere iradey, na thakey raastey

Mere yaar ke masoom kadam hi kamzor nikley

(Neither my determination is broken, nor my paths tired

The innocent steps of my beloved came out to be weak)

Ghuncha dahan mein chhuppi mohabbat khudgarz nikley

Kya hua iss jahan ko, koi sachha na nikley

(The love hidden in a bud like face, reveals itself so self-centered

What has happened to this world, none is found true anymore)

Haseen baaton se bhartey they jo zindagi

Fareb ki chadar oddey wo samajhdar nikley

(The one who filled my life with sweet nothings

Was found so worldly wise, underneath a veil of deceit)

‘Deep’ si mohabbat aaj koi kar le mujhsey

Aag mein jal kar hi, baati se roshni nikley

(May someone love me like a ‘deep’ today

The wick gives light, only as it burns in the fire)

(Jan 26, 2017; Kolkata; 8.10 am to 9.14 am)

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