Yuhin Milta Rahey by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’



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Raastey by #Sandeep #Silas ‘deep’



Sandeep Silas ‘deep’

Tamam raastey uskey samney they, chalta kis par

Taqdeer ka wo badshah tha, badalta kyun kar

Ishq bhi kiya to Khuda se, ruhaniyat uskey sar 

Ek ek kar ke girtey rahey, insaan chaukhat par

Gairon ka laya zahar peeta raha, wo shahad samajh kar

Uskey qa’atil jo aye they, gaye mureed ban kar

Apney lahu ko bahata raha, jiskey liye zindagi bhar 

Wo jigar ka tukda, hisaab mangta raha, gin gin kar

Moo-e-badan ho gaye chandi, safar mein chal kar

Tajurba iss tilismi duniya ka, pura na hua magar 

Farebi shahar mein rekhta zameer wo chunta kyun kar

Fakeeri uska aalam thi, darakhton ki ameeri uska ghar

Ankhon mein wafa nahin milti ab iss daur mein hamsafar 

Tujhko diye jaatey hain kuchh roshni ‘deep’  apna jaan kar 

(Jan 22, 2017; Delhi; 1.24 pm to 2.07 pm)


Sandeep Silas ‘deep’

So many paths were before him, which one to take?

He was King of his destiny, why would he change?

When he fell in love it was with God, spirituality filled him

One by one the men kept falling, before him at doorstep

He drank the poison brought to him, believing it be honey

Those who came to murder him, went back as his admirers

For the one he kept bleeding his heart his entire life

That portion of heart kept on keeping count of money

 Hair turned silver over his body as he walked the path of life

The experiences of this magic world still he could not live full

In a city of cheats, why would he pick up scattered conscience

A mendicants life was his world, the richness of trees his home

 In these Times you don’t find faith in eyes, my companion

‘Deep” continues to give you some light, thinking you his own

(Jan 22, 2017; Delhi; 1.24 pm to 2.07 pm)

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#Raaz by #Sandeep #Silas ‘deep’






My heart desires to speak out all hidden secrets

The boundaries of her modesty hold me but

Her delicate charms kept on weaving torments upon me

Heart flew like a bird one moment, captive of her eyes the other

Fill your eyes with her, before she goes away ‘deep’

Once more life shall ebb away, before it is the dawn

Raaz by Sandeep Silas ‘deep’ in Ranai-e-Khayal (2012)

Translated Book in English available on Amazon Kindle:


BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS by [Silas, Sandeep]

For original Hindi version Ranai-e-Khayal please contact me.

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sandeep silas

The capital has become the scene of another gang-rape. This time it is a eight year old girl child. The girl was abducted while sleeping outside with her family. Why were they sleeping outside? Because there is no power in their colony!

Not one politician of any political party either visited the girl’s traumatized family or issued any statement. Such things have become kind of routine news and acceptable facts to Indian society. Unless a person from immediate family gets affected even public does not bother and consumes the news carried in newspapers or TV with tea.

The affected family is left to fend for themselves with an unfriendly police system and a very complicated judicial system, where justice is more denied by delay.

TOI Aug 24 pg 2

Who will give the healing touch?

Who will stop these gang-rapes which destroy childhood?

Who will stop the ever increasing gang-rapes on our highways, city roads, public transport and in residential colonies?

In our childhood we were taught the idiom “Who will bell the cat?”  It is so true today in this respect as the nation asks this question from the people who are responsible for governance in any form anywhere.

On the last day of July the nation was shocked when news came that a mother and daughter were dragged out of car in UP the previous night and gang-raped by some criminals of a Ghumantu gang for three hours in Bulandshahr District (65 km away from Delhi) on National Highway 91, and barely 100m away from a Police Post. Mother of 35 years and daughter of 14 years raped together!

The country is being scarred again and again, call it Nirbhaya or by any other name, gang-rapes continue with criminals at large. It is a systems failure: the maintenance of law & order, the long drawn trials, the lack of evidence, and little or no punishment, more alarmingly the will to stop these crimes against women.

Our country is a land where womanhood has been worshipped in the form of a Goddess. We believe in Devi Shakti. We do pilgrimages of all Shakti Sthals. We celebrate festivals with aplomb and our greetings are Jai Maa, Jai Bhagwati, Jai Mata Di, Radhey-Radhey and so on.

We worship our Goddesses every day. We name our daughters in the name of our Goddesses. We see their forms from Ma Durga to Ma Kali depicting victory over evil forces and demons. Our Goddesses ride lions and bless their followers. Our Mantras are chants in praise of our Goddesses, where we pray and bow in supplication and seek blessings from them.

Still no Political Party has made women safety as their national programme.

Who will lead the growing concern for crime against women?

It has to be backed by the Government’s legal and administrative action to show the Government’s resolve to hold back such horrific crimes against women. The very fact that again such a crime took place again in the capital of the country, only reveals that the courage of criminals is at a questionable large.

The last five years data of rape cases and the rate of conviction is a cause for immediate concern!

TOI Aug 24

Countrywide protests could begin when women realize they are not safe while sleeping, travelling, or working. Women do feel unsafe and my conversations with the ones I know have revealed deep set anger, frustration and disenchantment with the present scenario of safety of women in the cities and villages. The incidents continue to shock the conscience of the people to the core.



  • Bill to be brought in Parliament for Capital Punishment / Chemical Castration of convicted rapists
  • Emergency Decree like Italy announced in February 2009 for mandatory Life Sentence to be given to rapists
  • Fast Track Rape Trial Courts
  • Recruitment of Delhi Police Constabulary to be broad based from all States of India, and not have predominance from neighbouring State of Haryana as this move shall instill confidence and break the criminal-police nexus (majority of constabulary in Delhi Police and sexual crime offenders have roots in Haryana)
  • Video recording to be a must in all Police Stations
  • All cabs to be installed with Cab Cameras and GPS indicators
  • Delhi Police to be brought under the control of Delhi Government and not be under the Home Ministry through Lieutenant Governor, Delhi
  • Licensing of all Cab/Public Road Transport Drivers in the capital and the other cities to include Psychiatric Tests and be not as easy as it is today
  • Creation of a Department of Crime Against Women under the Ministry of Women & Child Welfare

Now, is the time we have to be seen to be taking tough and long lasting measures to protect our daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. It is the cry of the ‘Daughters of India’. In this Year 2016, let it be noticed and talked about in the homes of India that the Government means business and such type of violence is to take place no more.


Punishment for Rape in Different Countries

I am placing before the people a comparative appreciation of the punishment awarded for rape in some countries:

USA: Under federal law the punishment for rape can range from a fine to Life imprisonment. The severity of the punishment is based on the use of violence, the age of the victim and whether drugs or intoxicants were used to override consent. If the perpetrator is a repeat offender the law prescribes automatically doubling the maximum sentence.

English Law: The offence is created by section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003:

1-(1) A person (A) commits an offence—

(4) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable, on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for life.

China: China retained the death penalty in the 1980s for certain serious crimes. The 1980 law required that death sentences be approved by the Supreme People’s Court. This requirement was temporarily modified in 1981 to allow the higher people’s courts of provinces, autonomous regions, and special municipalities to approve death sentences for murder, robbery, rape, bomb-throwing, arson, and sabotage. In 1983 this modification was made permanent. In 2006, the Chinese government reversed the previous modified death penalty requirement that was made permanent in 1983. The law was enacted on January 1, 2007, and required all death sentences be approved by the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), effectively depriving the provincial people’s courts of exercising the final say on the death sentence, allowing death penalties handed out by provincial courts to be reviewed and ratified by the SPC.

Italy: In February 2009 Italy passed an Emergency Decree-Mandatory life sentencesThe Italian decree, which goes into effect immediately but still has to be approved by both houses of parliament within 60 days, introduces mandatory life sentences for people convicted of gang-rape, sexual assault resulting in murder and violent sexual abuse of children.


India: Section 376 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860

  1. Punishment for rape.–

(1) Whoever, except in the cases provided for by sub- section (2), commits rape shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than seven years but which may be for life or for a term which may extend to ten years and shall also be liable to fine unless the woman raped is his own wife and is not under twelve years of age, in which case, he shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both.


The women of India need a healing touch. An administrative-legal direction to the whole issue is warranted. How soon we act is what shall matter and assuage the hurt conscience of the nation. Perhaps, something like the Italian response is the need of the hour!


“SAVE INNOCENCE” CAMPAIGN could be started in the country by those who are sensitive enough to realize the immensity of the problem and want to protect and respect womanhood!

© Sandeep Silas, Delhi, India





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Kaanch ke Tukdon Si



123654123654 - Copy

Like Shattered Glass…

Like shattered glass my life is spread all around

Gave some to her, to him, whom all did I give life?


You take some life from me for free

Even God doesn’t give life till you die

Kaanch ke Tukdon Si… by Sandeep Silas in Saada Khayal (2009)

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A Prayer on India’s 70th Independence Day !


A Prayer on India’s 70th Independence Day 

I wish for my country freedom from poverty, violence and crime against women

I wish for my country freedom from intolerance, religious fanaticism and terrorism

I wish my country freedom from inequality, religion & caste bias, and want equal opportunities to all

I wish for my country freedom from dirty politics, negativity and want positivism & creativity to flourish

I pray that each Indian life is considered precious and there be respect for all citizens in every state

I wish for my country freedom from the environment of gang-rapes and want full security for girl-child and women

I pray for my nation freedom from the misuse of power and authority against individuals as political vendetta

I wish for my country better river water management so that floods do not destroy villages, homes and lives

I wish for my nation an atmosphere of inclusion and a halt to anti-minority and anti-Dalit atrocities

I pray for my country freedom from homelessness, an end to beggary and food for all

I wish for my country freedom from nepotism, favouritism, placement of particular ideologoues in positions where only merit should be the criteria

I wish for my country freedom from the money politics to influence voters in elections to the Parliament and State Assemblies and want only the real representatives of the people to reach Parliament

I wish for my country freedom from horse-trading of elected representatives and toppling of legally elected State governments

I wish for each Indian youth to be blessed with imagination and vision to do something great for the country

I wish for our media freedom from an environment of paid news, fake opinion polls and want news reporting with responsibility

I pray for my country that there be respect for soldiers, farmers, labourers, senior citizens, and the differently-abled in every heart

I pray that in my country art is valued in every home and artists are respected and recognized for their contributions

I wish for my country freedom from bad trading practices, hoarding, artificial price rise and want fair price goods and services to all

I wish for my country fair-play and transparency in Government, Public Sector and the Private Sector

I wish for India to be ranked in the world forums high on good things and not for bad things

I wish for an India where every Indian is recognized for what one is, for one’s contributions to any sphere of public life, rather than be known and awarded only if you know someone important

I wish for my country freedom from river pollution by industrial waste, sewage and want beautiful riversides restoring our Rivers to the mother’s they were to all humanity

I wish for my country freedom from the honour killings of young couples who marry in other castes and religions, and from acid attacks against girls

I pray for an India where governance is such that public life is easy and hurdle free, homes are available at reasonable prices for all, good civic facilities and a noise and pollution free environment in every city

I wish for freedom from corruption in public life starting from the money politicians spend on electioneering and campaigning

I wish for freedom from constantly deteriorating relations with neighbouring countries and peace on our borders

I pray for an India where all citizens respect all religions, where there is no religious bigotry and no individuals belonging to different religions are held back from entering into holy matrimony

I pray for peace in every heart

I pray for my country to be One India, One People!


Wish you a very Happy Independence Day!



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